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AF series copper free mirror without led light

AF series bathroom mirror adopts the most classic design language, using the top glass grinding equipment imported from Italy, combined with our more than 20 years of experience in mirror processing, to show the mirror as bright as a diamond. Also use the top SQ grade mirror, greatly reducing the iron content in the mirror, making the mirror more translucent, with our use of German ValsparĀ® antioxidant coating, more than 98% reflectivity, a greater degree of restoration of the user's image. High-grade grinding technology, with complex grinding angle, coupled with the appropriate grinding width, can make the mirror's corners reflect the diamond-like dazzling light, with the ambient light irradiation, this is the art of coming GANGHONG, we are deeply engaged in the mirror processing industry for more than 20 years, and hope to use our technology to make life full of art! AF series of some products also with aluminum alloy frame, aluminum alloy frame color can be used as a foil to the mirror, make the mirror more design sense, at the same time can well protect the mirror from the damage of external forces, our patented technology can make aluminum alloy frame into any shape, to meet the needs of most customers. Our aluminum frame using anodized process to handle the surface of the material, make the material has better anti-wear ability, daily use almost will cause no damage to the material surface, currently we provide sub-black, bright silver, sand white, brushed gold, brushed black these 5 kinds of colors, if there are other color requirements, we can also customize. Our aluminum frame in the production, using CNC equipment for material processing, can make the material to have a higher accuracy, better splicing effect. All of this is all to make the most perfect product.

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